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Posted by Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson compared the boilers inside the University of North Dakota's steam plant to teapots that create steam utilized to heat structures.

However, UND's 7 boilers are 42 years old, typically. The newest 2 were set up more than twenty years earlier and the earliest is a whopping 64-years-old.

"Those teapots are method beyond their helpful life," stated Johnson, UND's facilities director of operations and upkeep.

In 2014, a report commissioned by the North Dakota State Board of Higher Education discovered 35 of the 56 boilers at the state's 11 universities were "beyond beneficial life" with less than 3 or 4 years left to function. Further, delayed upkeep needs for the heating plants at North Dakota University System schools was projected at $40 million through 2020.

The report, assembled by the firm Paulien and Associates Inc., was very first provided to a SBHE committee, where members expressed concern it didn't include all buildings, according to satisfying minutes.

The report was presented to the full SBHE board in May 2014 and at the time it was discovered UND would need significant repair works within 2 years.

The repairs eventually weren't funded, but Johnson stated he isn't pointing fingers. Rather, Johnson said he recognizes boiler replacement and repair works are weighed versus the needs of a whole campus and even bigger university system.

"It wasn't that we didn't bring it up however like with anything else, they need to justify it with other needs," he said.

Dave Chakraborty, UND's vice president for centers management, said he's concerned if a boiler fails throughout the coldest months of winter, students might need to go home temporarily.
"It's not a concern any more of how long these could run," he stated. "When a car has actually run for 200,000 miles it's not a question of if it will break, it's when it will break, no matter how well you've kept it.".

Massive boilers.

The within UND's steam plant is warm. Behind an entry method and meeting room lies looming equipment, relatively limitless feet of pipe and the seven massive boilers that supply school with not just heat, but humidification, heat for dining steam tables and instrument sanitation.

According to information from the Office of Institutional Research, the steam plant was constructed 107 years back and has seen 8 additions or redesigns since, the most current which took place in 1993.

Different boilers with differing capabilities burn either coal, natural gas or oil to create the steam sent out throughout campus. Johnson said it's essential to have different fuel sources because of times like a day in January 2014 when oil shipments were sluggish and a natural gas pipeline surge in Canada stopped shipment of that fuel source.

"We've had some close calls," he said.

The structure's second earliest boiler burns coal and was set up in 1952, it, in addition to another coal-burning boiler set up in 1966, was put together piece by piece from the ceiling down and hangs suspended so when it warms up, it broadens vertically downward.

Fixing that boiler, or several of the others in the steam plant, needs a little creativity as Steam Plant Manager Craig Machart said it's difficult to buy parts for the outdated devices.

Sometimes, employees have actually found out ways to make the parts themselves or special-order them.

"When you include all of it up and look at overall expense of operations there's no concern in our mind we're spending more money in the method we're running this plant because of what we have to do," Chakraborty said.

Because it's crucial to have more boilers than essential, Chakraborty said his personnel is examining plant redundancy.

On incredibly cold days far listed below absolutely no, Johnson stated the plant sometimes has five boilers performing at one time.

"You do not desire have only three boilers when you need all three boilers because inevitably something will decrease and in an organization this size you can't manage that," Johnson said.

If boilers failed on a cold adequate day, Johnson stated that would suggest sending out student’s home. Chakraborty added that while temporary boilers can be brought in, they're costly and take days to connect.

"I've got kids here and I don't want them to come home," Johnson joked, laughing. "I wish to keep this working so they remain where they're supposed to be.".


Chakraborty said he wants to repair the 2 24-year old boilers in the steam plant, which would cost about $1 million.

The life expectancy of those boilers are about 30 years each and repair works could extend that, Johnson said.

They hope to replace one of the earliest boilers with 2 smaller, more recent ones, bringing the overall expense of repair and replacement to about $20 million.

"We're not going to replace seven boilers," Chakraborty stated.

Repair works to the piping in the distribution center also is under consideration, consisting of altering the current structure where steam exits the plant through one primary pipe-- producing a single point of failure and leaving the campus vulnerable, Johnson said.

Johnson said facilities supervisors at UND have actually promoted updated boilers and equipment however that it's an easy need to shuffle to the bottom of a pile.

"It's like in your house; would you rather put new carpeting or drapes in or a new heater?" he stated. "It's like, 'Do you think we can get just one more year out of it? Because I actually like those drapes.'".

It was at the May 2014 SBHE conference where it came to light Valley City State University frantically needed boiler repairs and ultimately saw $14 million in funding for that job through the 2015 college funding bill.

According to the North Dakota State University site a brand-new boiler was set up in 2015 to replace one that was 43 years of ages.

However, Chakraborty stated he realizes it's difficult to obtain donor dollars or raise awareness for boilers, something the majority of people do not even understand exist on UND's campus.

"No concern, class buildings are more interesting," he stated. "Nobody is going to line up here to cut a ribbon on a steam plant boiler however people will line up for a class building. That's the reality and we recognize that.".

What now.

With UND dealing with $9.5 million in cuts to the continuous 2015-17 budget plan while its School of Medicine and Health Sciences also should cut $3.1 million.

The 2014 Paulien study took a look at all NDUS heating plants however only a section of all campus buildings. It discovered NDUS had $808 million in deferred upkeep requirements for the next six years. The board then requested a more thorough study.

Chakraborty's recent study of UND's whole school, referenced at a master preparation forum in December, discovered a total deferred maintenance need of about $450 million over the next years.

"When you're confronted with that a great deal your eyes glaze over," he stated. "It's like, you can never resolve this problem, so let's go do something else.".

Chakraborty talked about the old boilers at the winter master planning online forum while UND Interim President Ed Schafer, during a budget plan conference on school earlier this month, said finding funds to resolve the issue was a priority.

The university also has an agreement with Altru Health System that Johnson said has actually existed for decades and is restored every year. The university offers Altru steam at a rate based upon the work and fuel it requires to produce it.

It's uncertain how UND's general boiler requirements will be repaired but those associated with UND facilities said it's a priority.

"Like anything else, when you've got 100 people requesting requirements it boils down to the more awareness, the much better," Johnson said.